Get connected to projects that match your talents.

Get connected to projects

that match your talents.

What sets Oxford apart?

We take the time to get to know you and our clients so we can quickly make the right match. Our partnerships give us deep insight into the industries we serve so we can anticipate trends and uncover new opportunities. This allows us to consistently deliver for you and our clients. That’s the Oxford difference.


Built on Trust

The #1 reason our consultants choose to work with Oxford is because of their recruiter.
As an Oxford consultant, you can trust that you have someone in your corner to advocate for your unique talents and provide new project work. It all starts with getting to know you. Let’s have a conversation today.

“My recruiter is awesome. I feel as if I am talking to an old friend…In terms of her professional skills, she is one of the best recruiters that I have worked for.”
– Applications Development Consultant
“Oxford made the hiring process very easy. My recruiter was always accessible and made sure my interests were addressed.”
– Test Engineering Consultant
“Oxford has been a great partner. I receive all the information and details needed to deliver my best work, and there is really good communication throughout the project.”
– Robotics and Controls Automation Consultant

Defined by Opportunity

We’re connected to projects and opportunities that you can’t find online. And, our teams are experts in specific skill sets and industries. This technical understanding ensures we match you with the right interviews and assignments, because our job is to open the doors for you to do great work.

“My Oxford recruiter was instrumental in staying in contact with me and getting me in front of the right people, which is very difficult to do these days.”
– Project Management Consultant
“My experience with Oxford has been nothing short of 100% positive. My recruiter has been in contact with me on a regular basis and provides me with everything a consultant on the road could ask for.”
– Regulatory & Compliance Consultant
“Oxford provided [me with] an opportunity that I could hardly find through other job seeking methods and the people I connected [with] there were very supportive.”
– Project Engineering Consultant

Committed to Success

We connect you to companies across the globe that are focused on the latest technological advancements, and offer specific projects that match your goals. Since our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, there are always opportunities to challenge yourself with new types of work or focus on a key skill that you’ve spent years perfecting. Our clients are looking for your talents, and we help you both achieve success.

“My recruiter does a great job finding opportunities that match my skill set. He makes sure everything is well coordinated so that I’m set up to succeed, right out of the gate.”
– Lead Technical Architect
“Oxford has a keen understanding of client’s needs and how to connect them to the right consultants. I appreciate being a part of an organization that values quality, responsiveness and attention to detail.”
– Lead Technical Architect
“Working for Oxford’s clients opened up new horizons in my career [My Oxford recruiter] was always there to hear me out. He solved all issues that cropped up during my assignments.”
– Hardware Engineering Consultant


Looking for a new project immediately?

Let’s discuss your experience and interests. Our knowledgeable, skills-based recruitment teams are ready to connect you to the right opportunity and help you define your career, your way.

Consultant benefits

Possibilities are endless

as an Oxford Consultant.


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