Oxford Cares


As an organisation, Oxford recognises the value of developing partnerships between ourselves and our communities. The Oxford Cares programme prioritises corporate philanthropy and encourages employees to contribute to worthy causes. Together, we are making great strides in both national and international efforts. We look forward to continuing to champion important causes and maintaining our culture of caring in the years to come.



Quarter of Caring

Oxford team members are frequently involved in volunteer and philanthropic efforts that give back to the community. During the holiday season, our efforts increase and the Quarter of Caring  initiative is a way to unify ourselves and recognise the charitable contributions of our Oxford teams around the world.

Check out what our team members accomplished during the 2018 Quarter of Caring.



Each year, during the month of November, Oxford’s male colleagues participate in the growing of moustaches and coordination of events to raise funds for the Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundation’s primary goal is to generate awareness surrounding men’s health issues and providing support through programmes where and when they are needed.


Ongoing Efforts

In addition to our year-end activities, Oxford’s European offices participate in ongoing philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Our teams come together to coordinate fundraisers, awareness events and donation drives to support local charities such as Cork Foyer, Pieta House and Focus Ireland. Our US offices continue to support similar causes around the US.



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